Video Inspection / CCTV

Video Inpsections / CCTV            

Process of viewing & documenting sanitary and storm sewer lines with pan & tilt color cameras.

  • Investigates the condition of sewer lines for potential problems, pipelining, cleaning and other preventative maintenance issues.
  • Historical documentation of pipe from 1″ to 120″ with computer-generated reports & DVD recordings.
  • Pre-video and Post-video of cured-in-place-pipe and other repairs.

Top 5 Reasons to have your sewer inspected

A little bit of PM (preventative maintenance) can save untold amounts in damage on your sewer system.  If you are prepared, then you might be able to prevent disasters that could cost tens of thousands or worse.

  1. To determine what areas of your pipes are suffering from corrosion and how much it is.
  2. To prioritize areas for sewer cleaning and to determine the extent of sewer cleaning required.
  3. To judge effectiveness of a sewer cleaning project and to determine how much sediment was actually removed.
  4. To use as a baseline for comparison and analysis over time.
  5. To ensure that rehabilitation is occurring where it should and not being wasted on pipes that are in good condition.

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